Different Types of Seizures in Adults

There are two main types of seizures in adults. The types of seizures are partial seizures and generalized seizures. The classifications of seizures are used for all types of seizures regardless of the cause or condition of the patient. In most cases epilepsy is considered to be the sole cause of seizures but there are some non epileptic seizures. It is important to state that even the epileptic seizure is included in the generalized and partial classification of seizures in adults. The origin of the seizure in the brain is the principal that is used in the classification of the seizures. It is necessary to state that one may be affected by both the generalized and partial seizures at the some instance. The types of seizures in adults are not restricted to one category in their activity.

Partial or focal types of seizures

types of seizures in adultsThe partial of focal types of seizures in adults are used to describe seizures that affect a single part of the brain. The seizures are common with most epileptic cases of seizures. Some of the seizures might be mild and are thus regarded as simple partial seizures while others might be a bit complex and are referred to as complex partial seizures in adults. The focal seizures mean that an individual may be diagnosed with frontal lobe seizures, but the intensity of the damage often results to differing epilepsy symptoms in adults. In the partial simple seizures, the patient doesn’t loose their conscience or awareness which is unlike the complex types of seizures in adults.

Generalized seizures on the other hand are seizures which have the electrical impulses misfiring on both sides of the brain. These types of seizures in adults are responsible for most of the convulsive seizures. They cause the patient falls, injuries and even loss of consciousness.  The generalized types of seizures in adults, which arise as a result of this type of electrical signal misfiring, are also subdivided into six sub categories. The seizures include tonic seizures, absence-seizures or petit mal seizure, atonic seizures, clonic seizures, atonic-clonic seizures and myoclonic seizures. These types of seizures are usually characterized by epilepsy symptoms in adults that are highly convulsive.  They are the perception that most people have when seizures are mentioned. There is twitching, jerking and an occasional bite on the tongue.

types of seizuresNon epileptic types of seizures

In most cases the seizures in adults are caused by a condition in the brain resulting from trauma or a medical condition, but there are exceptions. Sometimes it is possible that an individual exhibits all the symptoms of some types of seizures in adults and not have any seizure activity in their brain. This is often referred to as non epileptic events or pseudo seizures. The condition is usually a psychogenic event that usually results from an individual being stressed or in need of psychiatric help. In some conditions, the people who have any non epileptic seizure also have the epileptic seizures and have to undergo two different methods of treatment since the non epileptic types of seizures in adults can’t be treated in the same way as the epileptic seizures. Other medical conditions such as tourrette syndrome and cardiac arrhythmia brought on by narcolepsy may also have similar epilepsy symptoms in adults as any epileptic seizure.

Due there being the non epileptic seizures in adults, it is difficult to ascertain the type of seizures a patient is suffering from.  In these cases vigorous methods of treatment such as MRI and CT scans are useful in brain imagery. If the brain impairing types of seizures in adults are observed, then intrusive measures such as surgery might be opted for, in the mild situations medication is used to control the condition. With such cases the patient has to make arrangements with the health care provider for checkups. Sometimes the medication used may aggravate the situation of different types of seizures in adults thus calling for a change in prescription.

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