Petit Mal Seizures in Adults

Petit mal seizures in adults are one of the mildest and undetectable types of seizures in adults. The seizure is a generalized seizure that usually lasts about 15 seconds, during which the patient has no idea on their condition. The symptoms of the seizure do not include loss of consciousness nor do they involve any convulsive movements. Once the condition attacks the patient, they are momentarily lost in space. The patient may seem deep in though or showing a lack of interest and occasionally smacking their lips. The occurrence of petit mal seizures is usually as a result of minor brain disturbance due to electrical neurons misfiring. The petit mal seizures in adults are also referred to as absence of seizure, but it is regarded as a realistic seizure.

Dangers of petit mal seizures in adults

petit mal seizuresIn most cases the petit mal seizures in adults are not considered dangerous. The seizures may occur alone or in association with other seizures. The absence seizures in adults may be caused by a number of triggers although in most cases epilepsy is the main culprit. There is a profound relation between the occurrence of the petit mal seizures in adults as well as with children. In adult the epilepsy is a rare case. Children tend to outgrow the effects of epilepsy that might have been passed on from parents. Although epileptic seizure is not contacted physically, it is passed on from parent to child but at a mere 5%.

The triggers of petit mal seizures in adults might be results of brain damage from physical trauma, illnesses, aging, substance abuse among others. As adults, there is a high chance of getting engaged in accidents that might result to a hit on the head damaging part of the brain thus absence seizures in adults. One might also be exposed to conditions such as meningitis or stroke that might affect the brain thus giving rise to seizures in adults. Seizures in the elderly are usually as a result of aging and a reduction in the immunity of the adults. The aging and chronic illnesses that are associated with aging often cause the seizures in adults. Using and withdrawing from drugs such as alcohol, heron and cocaine also trigger the petit mal seizures in adults.

Detection of the petit mal seizures in adults

petit mal seizures in adultsThe petit mal seizures in adults might be very elusive. Some of the relations to the environment are the only identifiers that one might have the condition. The occurrence of absence of seizures may range from once to several times a day and mistaken for lack of attention or other behavioral traits. Detection might come in if one detects a drop in performance at work, learning disabilities and momentarily hesitations. The absence seizures in adults is hard to detect since the patient is usually wide awake, in control of their mental faculties and unaware of the seizure soon after it ends. A neighbor might note the epileptic seizure since one may be gazing into space, immobile, fumbling hands, fluttering eyelids, chewing or even lip smacking without reason, all while the patient is unaware of their actions. Some of the triggers of the petit mal seizures in adults might be from the surroundings such as flashing of bright lights, hyperventilating or stress.

Petit mal seizures in adults and its treatment

It is advisable that one gets to the doctor as soon as the absence of epileptic seizure symptoms is identified. The treatments may be medical or non medical, but should never be ignored based on the low effects of the petit mal seizures in adults. Some of the lifestyle behaviors such as alcohol consumption or sleep deprivation also cause the absence of seizures. It is upon the patient to ensure that they maintain proper anti seizure practices to minimize the occurrence of the seizures in adults. Once the petit mal seizures in adults are detected, a checkup is necessary for it might reveal underlying problems.

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