Ketogenic Diet for Adults to Treat Seizures

The ketogenic diet for adults is one of the oldest methods of treatment of the elderly with seizures. The logic behind the diet is forcing the body to burn fat as opposed to carbohydrates for its energy needs (ketosis). The diet is a great help to epilepsy as well as Alzheimer’s disease which may trigger epileptic seizure in old age. Since one of the triggers of seizures in adults is imbalance of the blood with elements such as sodium, glucose and water. The diet is a sure way to keep the balance constant thus avoiding types of seizures in adults and elderly. The ketogenic diet for adults has been used in controlling the occurrence of epilepsy seizures for years.

ketogenic dietOrigin of the ketogenic diets for adults

The ketogenic diet for adults might have been as old as the bible itself, but it came to light in 1921. The diet was developed by Dr. R. M. Wilder for his patients suffering from epileptic seizure. The derivation of the diet is tricked from the practice of starving the epileptic only allowing them to take in water. The starvation resulted to the body relying on stored fats or energy. The ketogenic diet for adults thus initiates the same biochemical changes that the body takes up in fasting. The processes are now identified to be ketosis, acidosis and dehydration. The diet was used up until the development of the first anticonvulsant drug that is often referred to as Dilantin (Phenytoin).

Side effects of the ketogenic diets for adults

Although the ketogenic diet for adults is used in the control of seizures in adults, it has several ill effects. The side effects are one of the reasons why one cannot maintain the diet for too long. The body naturally requires all food groups for healthy growth. When one minimizes the carbohydrates and replaces them with fat to treat types of seizures in adults, there are bound to be se effects. One of the most common side effects of using the diets is stunted growth, with children and young adults. This is because there is the lack of necessary proteins for growth. The diet also restricts the use of water to 80% thus causing dehydration of the body. There is also the high possibility of kidney stone or gallstone formation. The body structure also suffers from bone fractures and weight gain. High cholesterol, nausea, vomiting and constipation are other effects of the diet. There is also a deficiency in the minerals present. The pancreas also suffers from inflammation. Women also tend to get menstrual irregularities. On stopping the ketogenic diet for adults, there is an accumulation of body lipids as the body stacks on the proteins.

ketogenic diet for adultsNecessary precautions

Unlike most diets, the ketogenic diet for adults is not any do it yourself diet. The diet is part of therapy that is necessary for controlling types of seizures in adults. One should not partake in the diet without having to first clear with the medical practitioners and undergoing some tests. There are too many risks and effects that are involved in taking on the diet. Although the ketogenic diet for adults has the allure of relying on natural foods, it is a scientific menu that selects on foods differently.

One should also understand that the ketogenic diet for adults doesn’t work for its entire patient in the same way. Some epileptic seizure patients are adamant in resisting the diet while others respond on the diet better than on drugs. During the period of the diet, there are temptations of including some carbohydrates and sugars in the diet. The diet to control seizures in adults also includes a list of products that the patient should avoid since they have sugars. The products also include personal effects such as toothpaste. Regardless of the pressures on the ketogenic diet for adults, it is always advisable to consult the health care giver prior to any decisions on the therapy.

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